June 7 to July 23

12-18 ECTS / 6-9 Units

For undergraduate students of Business Administration and Social/Cultural Studies

(International Relations, Global Studies, Politics, Communication Studies,…)

The students will be able to choose between two tracks: Humanities and Social Sciences Track and the Business Administration and Economics Track. Find more information on the program, the tracks and all the course syllabi on our website: Viadrina Challenge Weeks 2021.

We are planning digitally or hybrid, but since our seminars are going to be limited to a small number of students we will be flexible and might even be able conduct some courses onsite if the pandemic allows. All those who are joining digitally will regularly meet onsite students in our virtual meeting room and will be able to take part in workshops and soft skill courses. For the students coming to Viadrina we are offering a variety of excursions and extracurricular activities to enrichen their experience at the German – Polish border.

Why Viadrina?

The European University Viadrina is well known for its internationality and is among the top-ranked German universities. Its small and very international student body, a reasonable student-teacher ratio, digital teaching experience, and an excellent student support system ensure a very friendly atmosphere and excellent study conditions. The Viadrina is located on the German-Polish border and right on the doorstep of Berlin, which expands the possibilities for academic, cultural, and social student life.

Please contact us regarding any questions or doubts that you might have or if you would like to receive more information. We are looking forward to hosting your students and wish you and your family a happy and healthy 2021!

All the best from Viadrina

Martina Cors & Maike Hagen


Martina Cors & Maike Hagen

Project Coordinators Viadrina Summer Program

Viadrina International Affairs

European University Viadrina

Grosse Scharrnstrasse 59

15230 Frankfurt (Oder)

Phone Hagen +49 335 5534 2604

Fax: +49 (0)335 5534 -2535



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